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Your House, Your Gym

Lots of people will be in the gym trying to tick to the New Year’s Resolution and the place will be PACKED! We will have to wait in line for  an elliptical, the hanging leg raise machine and all other favorites that we have. Here’s a way to turn your home into a gym until … Continue reading

Get Rid of Arm-Jiggle

Yes, I said it. ARM JIGGLE. A few of us suffer from this and I am here to tell you that help is here and it’s easy and fun! You must do these exercises properly and slowly to get the best effect and remember when you feel the burn, you are just starting the reps! … Continue reading

Strength Training More Important than Cardio?

A lot of people have the  misconception that cardio should be done for hours and hours because you need to burn and sweat off calories. Let me let you in on something powerful. If you strength train, your muscles will build and burn more calories than before. Focus on these 7 areas because they are … Continue reading

Elliptical or Treadmill

I must say that the treadmill is an awesome creation but something has crept in on us. The Elliptical has come and taken over the Cardio section at the gym and is worth all the hype. Running or walking on the treadmill is not good for joints because of the pounding ankle action that takes … Continue reading

Cheap Healthy Food

These foods or worth less than one dollar! Check this out. Cheap Healthy Food.

8 Health Shortcuts That Work

8 Health Shortcuts That Work | Real Simple. We all love shortcuts, right? I figure we should use shortcuts that actually work so we will not mess ourselves �up. Check the article out. via 8 Health Shortcuts That Work.

How do you feel today?

After all of the crazy eating that was done on yesterday, how do you feel about your workout today? I know some people feel like their schedule only allows certain times for working out, but we can all workout EVERYDAY. Does that sound crazy to you? Something as simple as RUSH jumping jacks or regular … Continue reading

Holiday Eating

We all know that Holiday Eating can get out of hand but the main point is whether or not you can control yourself. On holidays, I used to find myself going back for seconds and thirds just because food was present. I know some of you may feel the same way so don’t be discouraged … Continue reading

Strong is MOST important

It used to be that we were all trying to get “skinny” and not really caring about health. Now the tables have turner and we are all on the right path. It is more important to work your biggest muscles in strength training to build muscle that will burn more fat rather than hitting the … Continue reading

Weight Loss Challenge Winners!

November marked the first Weight Loss Challenge of Firm&Fit Wellness and it was a blast! We learned so much about nutrition and even learned to eat with without a guilty conscience during the Thanksgiving Holiday. We had an awesome time learning what was good, bad and ugly about exercising, eating and even our mindsets. Here … Continue reading

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