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Your House, Your Gym

Lots of people will be in the gym trying to tick to the New Year’s Resolution and the place will be PACKED! We will have to wait in line for  an elliptical, the hanging leg raise machine and all other favorites that we have. Here’s a way to turn your home into a gym until those guys give up like they normally do. Keep your motivation and commitment and workout at your home. Don’t be limited to the gym this year. One of my favorites from this slideshow is Tube Toning and it’s awesome because I love the tube SO much. Each week I watch all of my shoes on DVR and my shows i have on Instant Queue on Netflix. I love that this exercise allows me to get my body together while I do what I love.

Tube Toning

What it works: Stomach muscles

What to do: As you watch TV, sit on the edge of the couch or armchair, brace yourself with your hands, and lift your legs straight out in front of you. Hold for a count of 10. Do as many as you can. Don’t worry if at first you can only lift your legs a few inches off the ground. As this becomes easier, slowly move your extended legs to the left and right. This helps work the muscles on the sides of your abdomen as well.

If these exercises are too difficult, try this: Slowly exhale as you lift your feet off the floor and bring your knees into your chest. Then extend your feet outward just a little bit. Repeat.

via Your House, Your Gym.



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