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Handle your Love-Handles

Everyone wants to get rid of love handles and we all want to know which exercises work and which ones do not. Here are three that I know work well but it is important to use weights while working out. Cardio is important but as a health coach I have learned that strength training is … Continue reading

Keep Calm and Exercise

It has been said that exercise can calm moods and make one feel better. This statement is truth and can help in so many ways. When you workout, certain exercises can better your spirits and make you feel better when you know that you are doing something good for your health. Do something to better … Continue reading

Work your Quads. No Equipment Required


We have all heard that what you put in determines your outcome but how many of us have really put this in to play. This week I am offering exercise plans and meal plans to anyone who wants to get this year started off right. About 78% of people who start the New Year off … Continue reading

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