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The Brain Benefits of Exercise: Tone Your Body, Sharpen Your Mind | Women’s Health Fitness Blog: Get killer workouts, learn about new fitness trends, and snag awesome gear

The Brain Benefits of Exercise: Tone Your Body, Sharpen Your Mind | Women’s Health Fitness Blog: Get killer workouts, learn about new fitness trends, and snag awesome gear. CHECK THIS OUT! Strengthen your mind as you strengthen your body. For customized meal plans and exercise routines, contact me ASAP. Free Health Evaluation to those who … Continue reading


In order to get your Basal Metabolic Rate higher ( the amount of calories you burn while at rest), you must strength train your muscles. Build the 7 biggest muscles of your body to achieve the best results and burn the most calories. To learn more about this, Email BEREALBRITNEY@gmail.com and I can give you … Continue reading


Handle your Love-Handles

Everyone wants to get rid of love handles and we all want to know which exercises work and which ones do not. Here are three that I know work well but it is important to use weights while working out. Cardio is important but as a health coach I have learned that strength training is … Continue reading

Keep Calm and Exercise

It has been said that exercise can calm moods and make one feel better. This statement is truth and can help in so many ways. When you workout, certain exercises can better your spirits and make you feel better when you know that you are doing something good for your health. Do something to better … Continue reading

Work your Quads. No Equipment Required


We have all heard that what you put in determines your outcome but how many of us have really put this in to play. This week I am offering exercise plans and meal plans to anyone who wants to get this year started off right. About 78% of people who start the New Year off … Continue reading

Your House, Your Gym

Lots of people will be in the gym trying to tick to the New Year’s Resolution and the place will be PACKED! We will have to wait in line for  an elliptical, the hanging leg raise machine and all other favorites that we have. Here’s a way to turn your home into a gym until … Continue reading

Get Rid of Arm-Jiggle

Yes, I said it. ARM JIGGLE. A few of us suffer from this and I am here to tell you that help is here and it’s easy and fun! You must do these exercises properly and slowly to get the best effect and remember when you feel the burn, you are just starting the reps! … Continue reading

Strength Training More Important than Cardio?

A lot of people have the  misconception that cardio should be done for hours and hours because you need to burn and sweat off calories. Let me let you in on something powerful. If you strength train, your muscles will build and burn more calories than before. Focus on these 7 areas because they are … Continue reading

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