Growing up in Los Angeles, I was a dancer in school and church and though that I would never have to worry about fitness. My mindset was all wrong and I thought that if you workout, you will be skinny or “invisible” as I called it. I felt and still feel that some should be a variety of shapes and sizes but all should be healthy. My attitude towards health was to be sure to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner and to make sure I refrained from sodas. Little did I know, there is a lot more to this healthy lifestyle and fitness. My body shape was awesome! I wore a 36C, my waist was incredibly small and my backside and legs were out of this world curvy. I thought I was so cute and I was. In college I had a walk/jog class and it showed me how healthy I was NOT. I struggled every morning to get out of bed to go to that class only to walk, jog or run the four laps around the track and be out of breath, holding on to dear life in the first 30 seconds.

All of my life, my menstrual cycle pain was horrifying so once I got stopped college (I only did my freshman year) I decided to get on birth control to help regulate my cycle and ease the pain. I BLEW UP IN MY MIDSECTION! I did not even realize it until I went to a show/concert that my husband performed at and looked in the mirror at my belly. I wanted to get back in my car and go HOME!

The birth control totally screwed my system and did not sit well with me. I stayed on my cycle for 2.5 months straight and it was HEAVY! I asked my doctor how to stop it and she told me to “deal with it’ which did not sit right with me. So after getting off of the pill, I was heavier in my midsection and did not know anything about getting the weight off. I was also STILL bleeding for 2 months. 😦 Once I began to try tackling my midsection I ran into all types of obstacles. One year I worked out 4 times a week and only lost 13 lbs. IN A YEAR? ARE YOU SERIOUS? My wonderful son, Aaden, was born to me and my husband and I would forget to eat or eat too much. IT WAS JUST ALL WRONG AND GOING DOWNHILL.

When I first began my weight loss tackling process, I began to be obsessed with it. Waking up in the middle of the night, googling exercises and food plans, talking to nutritionists, etc. was just a few things I did in hopes to getting closer to my goal. I grew a LOVE for Health and Wellness but knew that I would not ever have a chance at a position in the health field.

I stumbled upon a job at a Nutrition Club, got on a nutrition program and within 3 weeks, I lost 10 lbs. and my midsection DISAPPEARED! Just to let you know, I ATE WHAT I WANTED! Currently, I am in the ideal weight range for my height, healthier than ever, fitting into a size 8 (I was an 11) at 135 lbs. (I was 147 lbs.) and working on another goal! I am DEDICATED AND COMMITTED TO TELLING ANYONE WHO WANTS TO KNOW, HOW I DID IT, HOW THEY CAN DO IT AND HOW TO KEEP IT OFF. Whatever goal you may have, I can help with.

  • Digestive Health
  • Blood Pressure & Heart Health
  • Children’s Nutrition
  • Weight Loss
  • Weight Maintenance
  • Lean Muscle Gain
  • Increase in Athletic Perfomance

I totally love my job and the fulfillment of helping others feel and look better!

Feel free to ask any questions and join challenges!!!!!





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